The NHS needs our help.

We believe we have the power to do something about it.

£20 billion will NEVER be enough to save the NHS

I’m proud to have worked in the NHS for over 25 years but I’m concerned for its future. The pressures on the service and its staff grow daily.

At the start, 70 years ago, infections were the greatest challenge. Today we have a different problem; growing levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease. Why have we become so sick when advances in treatments and available drugs have improved?

We need the NHS to survive.

I want a Health Service for my old age and for future generations but fear that unless we address the current healthcare crisis it will collapse. The service is already on its knees and fire-fighting daily. We need to get to the root cause of disease by recognising the body as a whole; mind and body.

This site is not a panacea; it is simply born from a desire to see change. To sit on the sidelines and feel frustration is no longer an option. If there is an opportunity to feel better, less overwhelmed and more empowered I am sure most of us would take it but change can be difficult and only happens when you approach things in a different way.

We all make daily lifestyle choices that impact our health and wellbeing. We are free to choose. Often our environment and our busy lives dictate our choices but there are still things within our power to change and often the best of these are free!

Imagine a small change having a big impact; a ripple effect that creates a healthier nation. This will be no place for blame or to shame. Guilt is not welcome either. Simply visit this site, feel inspired and supported and know you have options.

We all deserve to live a life we love.

Making small changes add up and as such we gift the NHS to the future.

Dr Alison Sabine
Consultant Rheumatologist
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